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Windows 7 Training

Windows Training in Chicago Area

We offer computer training classes in Chicago and nearby suburbs. We have a lot of free training on our website with step by step instructions with screenshots. We add new free training content on various technologies so don’t forget to bookmark our website. We also offer affordable classroom based training for individuals interested in learning more about Microsoft Windows products. If you are interested in attending a training class please feel free to contact us by filling out the form on the right side of your screen.

If you live near Carol Stream Schaumburg Naperville Roselle West Chicago Bloomingdale Glendale Heights Bartlett give us a call to learn more about our training programs

Free Training – How to Install Windows 7

Windows 7 is a personal computer Operating System. It was launched by the Microsoft Corporation in October 2009 as an upgrade from Vistas. In this post, we will guide you on how to install Windows 7 Operating System through easy to follow steps and supporting screenshots. We offer instructor-led classroom training courses, check it out at  Windows 7 training Chicago.

Windows 7 is loaded with some new user friendly interface features; it is, for example, much easier to deal with multiple-open windows. Basically, these windows store the hard copy data in the form of a soft copy in the computer.… Read the rest

Free Training – How to Take Windows 7 Data Backup

Data Backup is a mechanism by which all essential data is stored in the hard-disk of a computer or a file server which is later copied to another media such as CD, DVD, tape, pen drive or external hard drive, etc.

Get trained by experienced IT professionals in a hands-on instructor led classroom Windows 7 training Chicago.

Backing up important files is the best you can do to safeguard all essential data which you’ve created and stored on your computer. This way, you can restore or recover all your data files from the computer in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion of files.… Read the rest

Free Training – How to Add User Account and set Password in Windows 7

Title: Steps to Set Up a New User Account with Standard Privileges in Windows 7 

You cannot let everyone login to your computer with your “admin” account, right? What if you’ve kids at home you may accidently ruin operating system configuration or make changes that are irreversible?

This is when a standard user account can help.

What a Person with Standard User Access Can and Cannot Do

A person who’s provided with standard account access can use most of a computer’s programs and data but he cannot directly make changes that may affect others who use the system or operating system security.… Read the rest

Free Windows 7 Training – Guide To Microsoft Windows Update

Windows Update is one easy and free way to help keep your PC running safely and smoothly. By updating your existing Windows 7 Operating System, we can easily enhance the security features and its overall performance.

Official Microsoft Windows Update assists in getting security patches as well as important updates installed on your computer and the process is mostly automatic.

All you have to do is to simply turn it “ON”.

This way, you will gain instant access to latest security and other important updates from the Microsoft server dedicated to updating Microsoft Windows 7.

Follow this step by step guide on how to successfully update Microsoft Windows 7. Read the rest

Windows 7 Training – How to Connect Your Computer to a Domain

Domain is a collection of computers over a network that share general rules & procedures and are administrated “together as a single unit.” Each and every Domain is classified by its unique name. The domains are typically used for networks in the workplace.

If you wish to connect your computer to a particular domain, you need a valid account as well as the exact name of the domain.

Here, we’ve demonstrated how to connect your computer to a domain in Windows 7. Read on.

Get trained face-to-face by experienced IT experts at Windows 7 training Chicago.

Note: Before we join a client computer, it is important to verify the following two network configurations:

  • The IP address or subnet mask of the client computer must be in the same class as that of the domain controller.
Read the rest

Free Windows 7 Training – How to Check for Hard Disk Error

Is your computer taking too long to run different programs on some occasions? Does it hang much too often when you try accessing some files on your system? These problems may be caused by hard disk errors. Removing all of these errors may not be possible for a beginner but yes, you can almost certainly do away with many such errors by running a check for hard disk errors in Windows 7.

One of the most common signs to watch out for is slow hard disk performance. By checking for hard disk errors in Windows 7, it is possible to improve hard disk performance; you can even manage to recover the “bad” sectors.… Read the rest

Free Training on How to Set up Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection

Instructions on How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

Remote Access feature in Windows operating systems is designed to allow a PC’s desktop, along with other files & folders, settings and programs to be accessible from a distant location.

For instance, you can access your office computer from your home computer through remote desktop connection in Windows 7. This way you can access all your apps, files and network resources, as if you were working on your office PC – all from the convenience of your home.

Remote desktop connections can also be used in case you want to carry out some changes remotely on the system of a client, friend or family member.… Read the rest

Free Windows 7 Training – How to Use Software Restriction Policies

Software restriction policies are an important feature of Windows Server and Microsoft Windows 7. This provides the administrators a policy-driven mechanism that can be used to recognize software programs which are being used on computers over a domain. In addition, Software Restriction Policies can even control the executing ability of such programs. In short, they help in enhancing system manageability and integrity. In this step by step tutorial, we will learn how to use software restriction policies.

Chicago area computer training and classes Windows 7 training Chicago.

We generally apply Software Restriction Policies in three levels.

  1. Disallowed: By using this policy, the Software will not run regardless of the access rights of the user.
Read the rest

Free Training – How to Configure Local Security Policy in Windows 7

The Local Security Policy is used to change the behavior of a computer system as well as its users. The policy is called “local” because it is implemented on local computers and not in a Domain Network.

Interested in instructor-led classroom training? Get more info at  Windows 7 training Chicago.

Local Security Policies are available in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

  • Account Policies Include
  1. Password Policy
  2. Account Lockout Policy
  • Local Policies Include
  1. Audit Policy
  2. User rights Assignment Policy
  3. Security Options

Here’s a short guide on how to configure local security policy in Windows 7 Operating System:

Step 1: To get started, go to the Start Menu on Windows 7 system.… Read the rest

Free Windows 7 Training – How to Start Print Spooler Service

A print spooler is software designed to temporarily store the print jobs in the memory or on the hard disk of the computer till the time printer is ready to print them. In this short and easy to follow tutorial, we will guide you on how to initiate print spooler service in Windows 7.

The print spooler service implements the roles of print client and print server. This allows each participating system to act as administrative client, print client or print server for the Print Services System.

In case you’ve been waiting for a long time to get the document printed or you receive an error message regarding the print spooler, spooler resources, or spooler subsystem, you might need to change and then restart your Print Spooler service on the computer system running Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.… Read the rest

Free Training Windows 7 – How to Set Disk Quotas for a User

Title: Steps on Setting Disk Quotas for a User in Windows 7

The disk space on your system can be restricted by setting Disk Quotas for different users in Windows  7 operating system. This functions by warning the system administrator before any user consumes excessive disk space or when a partition becomes full.

The process can be configured for both individual users as well as other user groups.

This allows the system administrator to conveniently manage separate spaces for particular users as well as individual groups.

[Read: How to add a User and User Group]

Disk Quotas provide a limited Hard Disk space to the users.… Read the rest

Free Training Windows 7 – How to Change Your Computer Name- How to Defragment a Drive

The process of defragmentation is generally used to arrange data in the Hard Disk. This helps in improving speed and efficiency of your Windows 7 computer system.

When your computer writes data into a file on your Hard Disk, the drive is not always able to place the entire data together. This eventually reduces the speed of your computer; your system spends extra time retrieving the file fragments from all over the disk.

Defragmentation helps in arranging the files in proper order and thus reduces the time taken by the computer to read these files.

NOTE: It is important for you to note that Defragment Utility in Windows 7 only runs in NTFS file format.… Read the rest

Free Training Windows 7 – How to Change Your Computer Name

Windows 7 Computers on a network require unique names so that they can identify and communicate with each other. In case, two computers on the same network share the same name, it will result in a conflict for network communications.

Most computers running Microsoft Windows 7 are supplied with a default name but you generally have the option to change them.

Make sure you prefer a short (preferably less than fifteen characters) and easily recognizable name for your Windows 7 PC.

In case you bought a new Windows 7 computer with pre-installed Operating System, it’s likely that you will be annoyed by the “default name of the computer” when you try to connect to different computers.… Read the rest

Free Training – How to make USB Drive Bootable by Command Prompt

A bootable USB drive or USB key (as some people like to call it) is an easy and convenient way to install an operating system (Windows, for example) on a computer system. You may especially need one in case you’ve a netbook that has no CD/DVD ROM.

Generally, we make use of various software utilities for creating a bootable USB-Drive. Here, here we will demonstrate how to use command prompt method to create a bootable USB Drive.  It’s equally simple and easy.

Once you’re done creating a bootable USB drive,

  1. You can use it to boot into the Windows Operating System.
Read the rest
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