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Experience Based Training
Only 5 Students Per Month
We Train Until You Are Hired!
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Career Training – Invest in your Future

Every day, exciting things are happening at the Career Change Training Center.

A+ Training Classes
New students are getting started, continuing students are making enormous strides towards their goals, and graduating students are propelled towards careers with the IT skills it takes, armed with the confidence and experience they need to succeed.

MCSE Training Classes
The success of CCTC’s unique program has not gone unnoticed.  Microsoft has recently deemed our program as one of only a handful of non-four-year programs worth of their coveted IT Academy approval. Microsoft applauds what we do, and you will, too.

We’re proud of what we’ve done thus far, excited about what the future holds for new students, and confident of the true value our program offers for those seeking a career change and have a passionate interest in IT.

The Program is broken down into 4 levels for affordable payment option.   Students may sign up and pay for the first level before advancing to the next level.

Level 1 – 50 Hours – $2500  (Prepares Students for  A+ Certification)

Level 2 – 50 Hours – $2500  (50 Hours of Real World Experience)

Level 3 – 50 Hours – $2500  (50 Hours of Real World Experience)

Level 4 – 42 Hours – $2000  (42 Hours of Real World Experience)

Total cost of the CCTC Six-Month Desktop Support Specialist Program is just $9500.

This includes registration fees, books and supplies.

We’re proud to offer a great value, and point to two critical differences from any other program.

First, this is practical training to get you not only trained, but armed with real world working experience to qualify for jobs, get hired, and succeed when you’re hired.

Second, CCTC, offers what no other school – of any kind – can:  Train until you’re employed once all 4 levels are completed, we’re totally committed to your success.


Four Ways to Pay

1. Pay in full by credit card or personal check.

2. On approved credit, we’ll arrange four equal payments spread over ninety days (not including registration fees.)

3. Government Assistance (WIA/Workforce Investment Act grants) may be available, if you qualify and we’ll help you find out.  Get started by filling out the form on the right

4. Bank financing is available for qualified borrower.  Like all loans, they are given or declined in light of the borrower’s credit standing.

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