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IT Certification Facts and Planning for Successful Career Change

At CCTC, central to preparing students for a new career in IT is to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to know and do, and beyond that, why, when and in what order.

At times, it’s all too easy to do the wrong thing, despite good intentions. It happens, it’s human, it’s life; but in the midst of a career change, the wrong steps, or even the right steps in the wrong order, can cost you time, money, or even that new job you studied and prepared so hard to get. It’s a proverbial cart-before-the-horse but with serious, and potentially damaging consequences. At CCTC our goal is to educate and prepare you with what you need to succeed without missteps. From web copy explaining what we do, to each hour and day as a student, everything combines in an informed, practical, and effective education you can trust, believe in and put to use. You’ll succeed because you learned and gained work experience before testing. Our mission is to get you ready and hiring managers will see it clearly. Upon completion of our curriculum and IT training with hundreds of hours of experience, students are then prepared to obtain A+ Certification and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Windows 7 certification. Stated simply:
  • IT Certifications are for experienced professionals to validate their skills.
  • IT Certifications are not for students without prior experience to validate.

IT Certification Testing is not where to begin a new career, its purpose is to validate that you’re ready in terms of knowledge and experience, both what you know and what you’ve done

Over-eager students can often pass a test only to flunk out in the workplace, because they overlooked what IT certification is really all about.
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