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You’re a Step Ahead at CCTC – We Offer What They Can’t.

A career change is a major decision that can be exciting, inspiring and even a little scary. We respect and understand that. With so many schools offering what on the surface appear to be similar programs, it’s easy to get confused.  And with all the lofty claims and vague promises, how can you tell them apart and make the right choice, the best choice?

Finding the right school doesn’t have to be confusing. As you prepare to make a career change, you’ve likely done some homework.  Most schools tout things like small classes, flexible hours, a short time line, hands-on training and the certification you’ll need to get hired. It doesn’t stop there, boasting about state approval, vendor affiliations, placement assistance, and instructor qualifications. Too often, it’s only when you get to the fine print that they’ll tell you that – by law – they can’t guarantee a job. And that’s not the end of what they aren’t telling you.  There’s a lot riding on making the right choice, but how do you know if Career Change Training Center (CCTC) is the right choice for you? What sets Career Change Training Center apart?  It’s actually pretty simple:  At CTCC we’re different by design – here’s what that means. 1. IT is who we are and all we do. Career Change Training Center (CCTC) is the training division of an IT consulting firm working with real customers every day.  We aren’t simulating work in an educational bubble. We’re dealing with real computer problems in real time, as every Career Change Training Center (CCTC) student does from Day One. You won’t find Realtors, EMTs or insurance agents in classes down the hall; we’re IT specialists with a single focus:  Preparing you to graduate as an IT Specialist with real world experience.  No assembly line with hundreds of students, we accept only five per month. Each receives the personalized one-on-one attention and training they deserve and need to be hired and succeed. 2. Learning in the real world, not a simulated lab. At Career Change Training Center (CCTC), you won’t spend your time in classes with dozens of other students crammed into an office building configured to simulate the real world.  And while textbooks and labs certainly have their place, the issue isn’t what they offer; it’s what they can’t offer. We take a fundamentally different approach, designed to teach while you train and learn while you work. Your classroom is a live computer repair center where you’ll be working on a broad spectrum of different hardware and software platforms that can’t be simulated. When you graduate Career Change Training Center, you’re ready, really ready, and IT Hiring Managers know it. 3. At Career Change Training Center, the focus really is on you. Other schools talk small classes, but fall far short.  We take it even farther than small classes, with no more than 60 students accepted per year, just five per month, and paired in part-time shifts with working technicians.  Our students gain real working experience every day. Unique one-on-one training that is truly personal because at Career Change Training Center (CCTC) our focus is your success, and not generating higher profits by graduating masses of unprepared, inexperienced students that paid dearly for what they didn’t get.  Our goal is a program that trains student to be prepared, experienced and get hired. 4. Career Change Training Center graduates are prepared and ready. You already know there is no substitute for experience and nothing is worse than learning it too late. Other schools counsel their graduates to find internships, typically unpaid.  It’s all they can do; their students don’t have work experience, and employers increasingly prize that above all else. Contrast that with Career Change Training Center.  You’ll graduate with six months of real world work experience of comprehensive scope, putting you in better position to get hired, and often at a higher rate of pay. There is simply no substitute for experience that offers hiring executives greater confidence. 5. Long recognized by educators for our unique expertise. In the years before Career Change Training Center (CCTC) was established and approved as a vocational school recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, colleges and universities throughout the area had recognized the real world work experience that we could provide. These institutions came to us to create working internships for their IT students, and it’s easy to understand why – we could offer a unique working environment and experience that simply wasn’t available anywhere else. Career Change Training Center is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. 6. Career Counseling from Day One. Together we’ll set realistic expectations based upon your goals with a clear understanding of what you need to learn and the experience required to achieve them.  Count on guidance and counseling and a promise that we’ll never mislead you with convenient omissions about the realities of getting an IT job. Curriculum is customized for what you’ll use on your first job and certification goals are in keeping with your level of experience and employment targets. Students at other schools often complain about what they found out too late. Our students have fairly called our approach a heavy dose of truth and reality, because at Career Change Training Center, we won’t tell you want you want to hear, we’ll tell the truth you need to know. At Career Change Training Center (CCTC), our goal is to help you make a career change the right way, with the training and experience you need to get a job and succeed at it.
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