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About Career Change Training Center

Career Change Training Center is dedicated to providing the finest IT Support Specialist training in the industry.  To do it requires an approach that truly is different by design.

We’re IT consultants, and understand that while the classroom is a critical component of every education, there is no substitute for real world working experience. We see the proof of that every day, and increasingly, IT Hiring Managers agree. Success in today’s competitive environment requires fresh thinking. Other schools rely on force-feeding knowledge by burying students in textbooks, wading through curriculum all too often comprised by distracting courses of marginal relevance, and taught in simulated working environments. Career Change Training Center (CCTC) features uniquely customized one-on-one education and real world working experience from Day One. Who are we?

Career Change Training Center (CCTC) is the training division of Digital Security Services, Inc., also known as DP Tech GroupCareer Change Training Center is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.  A Microsoft Registered Partner, since 2003, we’ve provided IT consulting services for individuals and hundreds of small and mid-size businesses throughout the Chicago area, repaired thousands of computers, solved countless networking problems, and through it all, we still learn something new every day. 

It’s the nature of an industry that is constantly changing.  Because of this, our mission is to prepare students to gain not only the knowledge and credentials needed to get hired, but also arm them with the work experience required to succeed when they’re hired.  No one else does. Our mission is not to become the biggest – CCTC enrollment is limited to just five new students per month – but we’re committed to doing it better than anyone else. Career Change Training Center (CCTC) graduates are better prepared and better qualified; primed and ready for a brighter future.  The objective is for our graduates to be worthy of consideration for higher paying jobs. We won’t dilute quality by creating a training warehouse at the expense of individual attention. If you’ve made the decision to change careers and are looking for the training to succeed in IT, give us a call. The first step is career counseling to define objectives and goals, informing you of what to expect by separating fantasy from reality, and get you started and on your way. Six months from now you’ll look back on it as making the right call at the right time.
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