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CompTIA A+ Training Classes

A+ Certification Training Center in Chicago

This screenshot was taken from CompTIA’s website and offers a clear picture of what is involved in A+ testing, who should take the certification examinations and critically, when – they recommend hundreds of hours of hands-on experience before testing.

We agree, and like CompTIA, view the certification as a critical step in a successful IT career.

The most comprehensive A+ Training Course in Chicago

There couldn’t be a better example of what distinguishes our A+ course  from the horde of certification schools in Chicago pitching 50-60 hour A+ classes; condensed, ineffective and too-good-to-be-true attempts at educating students for a new career. If only it were that quick and easy, but we all know better.

Doing it right takes far more than a cram-course in a vacuum without real world experience – that’s why we offer hundreds of hours of it from our live computer service center. Short, 60-hour CompTIA A+ Certification programs often feature only 30 hours of actual practice, typically simulated in a lab. That simply won’t cut it.

There is plenty of free training available.  

Experience Based Training

At CCTC, you’re training and working in a live computer repair center from Day One. Gaining real-world hands on experience that employers value above anything else. Experience is one of the most important factors employers look for. Students have a very difficult time finding employment due to the lack of real world experience. Our students are trained in the real world. CCTC is the training division of DP Tech Group, an IT consulting firm.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exams

CompTIA A+ certification is designed to validate base knowledge with confirmation that you have skills required for a career in PC support.  Both CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-801) and CompTIA A+ Practical Application (220-802) are required certification exams.  There are hundreds of multiple-choice questions.

Learn from A+ Certified Technicians & Instructors

To learn, to master the skills, and be prepared to test with confidence takes time and practice.   You’ll get that from Career Change Training Center.  Hundreds of hours of practical experience the other certification schools in Chicago don’t offer.  You can read our blog post about the problems of attending short CompTIA A+ Training programs offered by other schools.

CompTIA Authorized Partner

Too many students have learned the hard way that shortcuts in IT training rarely pay off.  Many have tried with advanced MCSE Training  or  MCSE Bootcamp style training for a quick career change.  Those packaged courses force-feeding what takes months and years to master crammed into less than a sixty hours, left them unprepared.  Sadly, even those that passed the test, were often unprepared for the work – because they simply hadn’t done the work.  At CCTC, you have. There is no substitute for hands-on, real world experience.  Because an IT consulting firm operates CCTC, that’s just what you get. A+ Training Chicago comptia training Chicago We’ll get you ready, and that’s a promise.

A+ Class Schedule

We are forming classes on regular basis. If you are interested in our A+ training classes please fee free to call us at 630-372-0100. We would love to help you get A+ certified with the proper hands-on experience and knowledge. Tags: A+ Training Chicago, A+ Certification Chicago, A+ School Chicago, Chicago A+ Classes, Comptia A+ Training Chicago, Chicago A+ Training Course, Comptia School Chicago
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