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Facts about MCSE Training & Certification

MCSE Certification Chicago Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)  or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification and similar certifications on like server platforms require both knowledge and years of experience working with servers and networks in the real world.

MCSE certification is advanced certification for experienced IT professionals.

If you search for “MCSE training Chicago” you’ll find hundreds of schools offering training for beginners.  Microsoft recommends one to two years working on servers and networks before attempting the certification test, but there’s even more to it.  Typically, the first job for an entry-level student is a Helpdesk or Support Specialist position, with promotion to servers and networks earned after a year or two.  In this context, MCSE server certification is 2-4 years in the future.

MCSE Schools in Chicago

As is the case with MCSE courses, schools in Chicago make lofty claims but can’t give students what they really need – real world experience.

Instead, many schools offer highly condensed courses, usually between a hundred and two hundred hours conducted in a vacuum, and without real world experience that Microsoft strenuously recommends. MCSE testing was created for and directed towards experienced IT professionals. We recommend our A+ Training program for individuals interested in a career change into the IT support field.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Certification by watching the video below.  There is also plenty of free training available on the internet.  Experience is one of the most important factor for employers.  Our School offers real-world hands on experience from day one of your training. Find out about mcse training classes.


We agree completely.  At CCTC, we refuse to stuff you in the wrong program; our mission is to guide you in the right direction.

There are no shortcuts or substitute for years of real world experience.  In the event that an entry-level student passed the MCSE  exam, there would be little cause for celebration.  Even with the MCSE certification in hand, companies today are more cautious than ever when hiring paper certified administrators for their servers and networks, and for good reason. These are senior level IT positions, which aren’t entrusted to people that are inexperienced and unprepared. Employers in Chicago and all major cities hire experienced network administrators.  Career change students who sign up for a MCSE training program will have a very difficult time finding employment  for MCSE server level positions. 

At CCTC we’ll get you ready and on your way by providing the right IT training.

The right training in the proper sequence to get you hired and succeed.

Class Schedule

We offer relevant classes to help individuals make a successful career change into the IT support field. If you are interested in a career in the IT support filed, please contact us at 630-372-0100 to make an appointment.
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