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Job Market Research for Chicago Market

The path to a new career in IT begins by first doing a little homework to find the training that’s right for you.  Schools and their curriculum vary dramatically, as do employment opportunities across the ever changing and constantly developing IT sector.

Making the best decision starts with knowing what information you need to make it.  Two and four-year schools, specialty and vocational schools, loads of claims but precious little clarity – how do you know what’s best, what’s right for you? To help, please take into account that it falls into three areas: Understand Your Field of Interest What are the facts about job demand in the field you’re most interested in? Understand What Employers Want What are the skills and experience that employers require for the job? Understand What The Training Provides.  Or doesn’t. What do different programs offer and, most important, what do they lack? At Career Change Training Center (CCTC), our objective is to prepare students like no one else with a program no other school can offer because it’s customized for each student.  We aren’t a training mill or warehouse, so enrollment is limited to ensure individual attention.  From Day One our students are doing real work in a live computer repair facility located in the heart of a thriving IT consulting firm. Still, we understand that many students shop around – and urge you to do so. To help get started, we recommend that you approach the task in two steps: STEP 1:  Field Research Set clear goals, such as Software Development, Desktop Support Specialist, Network Administration, etc., and research wage data that is publicly available from the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Follow this link for wages information for computer related jobs in Illinois. And here are links for the most commonly secured first jobs for most CCTC graduates. Note that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines the jobs and duties, shows you the number of jobs available, assesses growth in the sector, as well as mean hourly and annual wage. STEP 2: Job Market Research

In your desired field, what exactly do employers want and require?

Here are a few easy to follow tips to get the information you need. Visit the Major Job Boards A simple search for your type of job will tell you a lot about the specific skills and experience required to qualify for a job, so visit and review them.   Here are a few of the top rated job sites: www.monster.com                   www.careerbuilder.com www.computerjobs.com            www.dice.com Read the Posting and Note Requirements By browsing the job postings you’ll get a real life snapshot of hiring managers are really looking for and can ensure you get the training and experience to qualify. Understand What Certifications Really Mean You’ll discover that certifications alone are simply not enough to secure employment and to thrive after you do. Cookie-cutter crash courses without real world working experience waste your time and your money. Find Training That’s Right For You A little research will identify what you need you to learn and who provides it.  At Career Change Training Center (CCTC), we do, with a training program like CCTC that gets you ready, and with a real foundation launches you on your way to a successful IT career that will change your life. Are you ready to get started?  Call us at 630.372.0100 to learn more about training that is customized for you, allows to learn at your own pace, features real working experience from Day One, and pledges to let you train until you’re working. At CCTC, when we say We get you ready it’s not a claim, it’s a promise.
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