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Desktop Support Specialist Program

The many differences between our Desktop Support Specialist Program, and the many others available, have been detailed and contrasted throughout the website.  What follows is a definition of what to expect from us – and a little of what we expect you to demand of yourself.

A Game Plan for Career Change Our desktop support specialist program is not a boot camp or crash course to cram knowledge in a compressed time frame and push towards benchmarks and certifications before you’re ready.  The Desktop Support Specialist Program is a six month course designed to sustain learning and retention to provide graduates a solid technology footing. The Classroom is a Live Computer Repair Center Rather than simulated environments that try to mimic real working experience, you’ll work on real IT problems for real clients alongside senior IT techs by doing real work in real time. Click here to learn more about our A+ Training Classes Your Goal is 450 hours by the End of Term We meet twice per week, four hours per day for no less than six months; as long as it takes for you to master the material and find employment.  But the 192 hours in our classroom is just part of it; we strongly advise no less than ten hours per week of practice outside of class.  The more time you spend with technology, the greater your comfort, confidence and familiarity, and your practice will make time with your instructor more relevant, productive and valuable, and attests to your commitment to your success. Expect Personal Attention We limit enrollment to five students per month, and only sixty students per year.  You won’t find overcrowded classrooms at the expense of the individual attention that you need and deserve. We’re Flexible Because Life is Complicated Start anytime – the curriculum is about you, directed at your strengths, weaknesses and needs. We aren’t waiting to fill up a quota of students, and have never – and will never – cancel a class.  Master Material at Your Own Pace After assessing your readiness we define your needs using a Career Objective Planning form, and will never herd or prod you through a course of study designed for a group – it’s about you. A Partnership with Your Instructor You’ve mastered the material after you and your instructor sign-off on the Career Objective form.  Step-by-step, with agreement that both student and instructor can celebrate before moving on. Solid Preparation for Certification At the completion of the desktop support specialist course, graduates will be prepared to test for A+ Certification and Windows 7 Certification.  You’ll approach this phase of your new career with confidence because you’ll be ready. Our approach is sustained learning and practical experience over time to put you on the best path to success. CCTC is Approved for the Right Reasons Simply put, we do it right and the success of our graduates is proof we feel good about every day. The CCTC Desktop Support Specialist program is approved and recognized by  Illinois State Board of Higher Education & Microsoft IT Academy that provides us access to their latest curriculum and lab resources. A Guarantee Like No Other We’ll train our students until they are employed.  This is our guarantee and commitment.
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