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Chicago MCSE Boot Camp Training

Microsoft MCSE Bootcamp Training – Chicago and Other Cities

Are you someone interested in becoming an IT support professional? Have you thought about attending MCSE Boot camp Training? IT support is a lucrative & highly rewarding field provided you’re ready to pour in what it takes – hard work, dedication, honesty and commitment.

You might be a youngster fresh out of high school or college hoping to climb up the career ladder in the booming IT industry one step at a time or maybe you’ve already had brief stints at some odd jobs you didn’t appreciate very much.

No matter what reasons you base this new career decision on, it’s important that you decide on your future course of action with some caution.

Boot camp training – Quick Shortcut For a New Career

Many people, as if by force of habit, tend to look at fashionable certifications such as MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) to be the most convenient route to their first triumph in the IT support industry. You can also read about MCSE Training program on our website here

It has ‘Microsoft’ in it, after all.

But skill training and practical experience are two fundamental requirements for just about any well paying job and IT support roles are no different.

If you’ve just made up your mind and have no prior experience in the field, chances are that you’d be tempted to take the quickest possible route i.e. MCSE bootcamp classes.

What is MCSE Certification?

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification for long has been a valued goal for many wanting a job in the IT industry. It’s perhaps one of the most popular professional IT certifications.

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A certification such as MCSE is designed to validate a candidate’s proven experience in a field of expertise.

Certifications are not designed or meant to be completed in a short period of time by cramming, and memorizing facts to pass a test. This is the very thing Boot camp training programs attempt to do. The bootcamp is designed to help you pass an exam in a very short amount of time.

A MCSE qualified candidate, therefore, should ideally be an expert at setting up, running and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Operating Systems or Microsoft Windows Servers.

For Career Growth – What Matters the Most in the Industry

Information technology and tech support companies are now on the lookout for potential candidates who can solve real world problems. Employers want business-articulate IT professionals and that sort of expertise can only be acquired through experience.

Few grilling sessions at a MCSE bootcamp are not enough. In fact, this approach can put you off-track right when you’re hoping to start a new career with a bang.

Get this – answering a bunch of multiple choice questions after few theory classes in one go at a bootcamp can fetch you a paper certification but not a MCSE level job

[unless of course the job title doesn’t really reflect the work a professional is doing or the salary he’s receiving; for many, this results in a great deal of dissatisfaction right in the first stage of a new career].

This is one of the biggest hurdles that a beginner runs into right after passing a series of certification exams following their Bootcamp.

Real MCSE level jobs are typically meant for candidates with 2-3 years of hands-on experience in desktop support or networking. This revelation may come as an unpleasant surprise for all those planning to enroll themselves into MCSE bootcamp.

Don’t fret as yet; there’s a way out. Read on.

Microsoft Bootcamp School and Passing the Certification Exams

Many candidates look at the bootcamp course at an IT school as a shortcut to success. They want to cut short 2-3 years long timeline, pass all exams in 4-6 weeks and get a well paying job in the IT support field at the earliest.

Fair and square.

Few weeks of practice at bootcamp and there you are, working as Solutions Expert at a reputed IT company.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It’s good to be an optimist but optimism based on misinformation can only result in disappointment.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success and MCSE type bootcamp is the wrong shortcut. There may be some rare exceptions in case of creative arts and other such fields but the IT industry certainly isn’t one of them.

In the IT industry, experience is all that matters. A certification you obtain through a bootcamp will not help you get very far.

MCSE Certified but No Real World Experience

Type in MCSE + Jobs into Google. You will get hundreds and thousands of results.

The future for a candidate fresh out of a bootcamp must be very promising according to these results but the accepted belief based on such findings is far from truth.

If answering a bunch of multiple choice questions could make someone an expert, MCSE and other such IT certifications wouldn’t have devalued so fast over the last few years.

Off late, many companies have sprung up in different parts of the world that offer fast-track programs known as MCSE boot camp. Some companies claim to help you get MCSE certified in as little as 2 weeks!

Okay, the certification may help you qualify for an interview but if you’ve no relevant experience, employers will just label you as ‘Paper MCSE.’

You’d be looked upon as someone who is good at taking tests and memorizing facts but has little to zero experience working on live networks. In a tough economy, you are competing with hundreds of seasoned professionals with years of relevant industry experience; it takes no particular brains to understand that a perceived ‘Paper MCSE’ label is the last thing you need.

With no stringent eligibility criteria for application, no minimum required experience and little to no exposure to practical, real world problems that a tech support professional encounters on a daily basis, shortcuts such as MCSE bootcamp are but another nail in the coffin for a career change student.

Recommended Career Path

Instead of taking a hasty jump by enrolling in a bootcamp, it is advisable to receive training for a relevant certification with adequate hands-on experience.

Don’t walk the way the herd is moving without analyzing the ground realities. The place where you will go after attending the bootcamp is already crowded; employers too have become cautious of hiring candidates with various certifications minus work experience.

Choosing a relevant certification, acquiring practical knowledge and skills that make you a better professional is not as quick and easy as Bootcamp but in the end, the effort and wait is worth all this and a whole lot more.

It’s not a quick fix but the strategy does ensure healthy dividends in the long term.

Recommendation 1: Acquire Hands-on Experience First

With some relevant experience in desktop support, networking or other related IT support areas under your belt, it is possible to steer forward your career in the right direction, and at an increasing pace.

But, this can often be a challenging for beginners for they simply fail to qualify for a job with little to no experience.

You can try and join an internship program at a local institution, business organization or a reputed IT company (as your means and existing skills permit) to expose yourself to actual work that IT support professionals do.

Just make sure that the internship actually helps you learn and grow.

Stay clear of internship opportunities that provide you with nothing more than a training certificate. If you end up as a part time data entry operator or are assigned a myriad of office assignments instead of something related to your field of choice, an internship will be of no use.

I know that gaining experience as a beginner in this industry can be tough. This is the biggest challenge faced by most career change students. You want to find schools like CCTC that actually train you in the real world. Doing so will provide you with the hands-on experience employers highly value.

Recommendation 2: Prepare for RELEVANT Certification Once You Have the Experience

One of the biggest mistakes that people hoping to have a satisfying and rewarding career in the IT support field is that they fail to choose the right certification.

For many, MCSE Bootcamp sounds great because it’s popular and was once valued (which they don’t realize); they just head straight to the premises of a local company organizing fast-track MCSE program or worse still, plan on going on a study vacation to a developing country where these bootcamps cost much less.

A relevant certification is the CompTIA A+ Certification, which is designed for someone with minimum of 500 hours of hands on experience in the field or lab. This certification can help nurture your skills in far better way than MCSE.

You can also prepare for a Windows Desktop Certification such as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) but make sure to first gain some hands-on experience.

Recommendation 3: Prepare a Resume and Post It on Major Job Websites

Once you’ve experience and certification both, it’s about time to begin the job hunt.

If you work with dedication and get certified thereafter, it won’t be long before you’re working at a reputed organization at a position that offers a mix of opportunities and challenges. Both will help you become a master at a subject you like.

Prepare a professional resume (Seek assistance from a professional if the need be) and post it on major job sites such as Monster.com, ComputerJobs.com, Craigslist, Careerbuilder etc. If you have attended a MCSE boot camp style training in the past, I would leave it off the resume.

Chicago – Training Center

For Real World Experience, contact CCTC located near Chicago for your career training needs.

Students of CCTC gain real world hands-on experience from the very first day of school because CCTC operates its training facility in the heart of an IT consulting firm located in Carol Stream, IL. We never force our students toward a MCSE bootcamp style training.

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